Crimson Frost (Mythos Academy #4) by Jennifer Estep

Chapter 1 "I have a confession to make." Logan Quinn looked at me. "Really, Gypsy girl? What's that?" I shifted on my feet. "I don't actually like coffee." The Spartan stared at me a moment before his lips curved up into a teasing grin. "You probably should have mentioned that before now." Yeah, I probably should have, since we were in a coffee shop. A large counter; lots of comfy leather chairs; wrought-iron tables; paintings of gods and goddesses on the walls; a display case full of blueberry scones, raspberry tarts, and decadent chocolate cheesecakes. Kaldi Coffee looked like your typical java joint, except that everything was first class and super-pricey all the way, from the fancy espresso machines that hissed and burped to the rich, dark aroma of the ridiculously expensive coffee that flavored the air. Then again, such luxury was the norm in the upscale stores in Cypress Mountain, North Carolina. The Mythos Academy kids accepted nothing less than the best, and Kaldi's was one of the most popular places to Hang Out and Be Seen when the students had free time, like we did today. Afternoon classes and
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