Another Scandal in Bohemia (Irene Adler #4) by Carole Douglas

PRELUDE How seldom the dedicated editor celebrates a revised edition of a previous publication! More often the popular interest (or, more accurately, the utter lack of it) permits most products of scholarship to appear, wither, and die in rapid succession. However, the encouraging public reception of my latest excerpts from the Penelope Huxleigh diaries and related materials, a two-volume set titled Chapel Noir and Castle Rouge, required updating earlier works from the same autobiographical source. With some regret, I speculate that the sensational subject matter of the two latest volumes, (a hunt for Jack the Ripper across Europe following the Whitechapel atrocities in London during the autumn of 1888, a hunt involving the peripatetic sleuth Sherlock Holmes, among others) has led to revived interest in the earlier excerpts from Miss Huxleigh’s Victorian memoirs. However, what editor can afford to quibble about the reasons for renewed popularity? This reissue has allowed me to tidy the timeline of the Huxleigh diaries—which has always been chaotic, for these dozens of volumes are all written in the convoluted spidery penmanship (and narrative style) o
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